Garden visits
Availability: Open all year, by appointment
Duration: 120 minutes
Price: 8€ per person.
Suitable for the general public
Visit: A tour that awakens the senses, a gentle stroll that combines botany, history, curious facts, rare specimens, the use of plants and their importance in our lives. You can see more than 500 species of native and non-native trees and shrubs from different countries, more than 5,000 Camellia trees of over 2,000 different varieties of 72 different species, and a small tea plantation. Recomendaciones: Comfortable footwear.
To preserve the natural habitat, cutting flowers, branches and leaves, or collecting seeds, fruit and pinecones, is not permitted. Please do not smoke during the tour.
Tastings of the Quinteiro da Cruz Albariño wines can be arranged for after the tour.
Visit + tasting of Quinteiro da Cruz Albariño: 10€
Visit + tasting + “Tapa”: 15€
Visit + Green tea tasting and pastries: 15€
Please enquire about other options

The Camellia Collection of the Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz Botanical Garden
Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz Botanical Garden: A garden with the spirit of a museum, it has more than 600 species of trees and shrubs from five continents and one of the largest collections of camellias in Europe, with more than 5,000 trees of 2,000 different varieties from more than 72 species.
It has the first collection of camellias with augmented reality (AR), a project that creates learning experiences of the world of the camellia, of botany and of nature through evocation, magic and mystery that allows the camellia blooms to be enjoyed all year round.
Download the APP using the QR code, point your device at the Quinteiro da Cruz logo and enter AR, a technological experience to enhance your garden visit.

Tea Plantation
“TTea, the drink that refreshes the soul”Beatriz Piñeiro

The Camellia sinensis is a species of Camellia, the leaves and buds of which are used to make tea, and is one of the 50 essential herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine.
The Plantation is organic and ecological, and is enclosed by bamboo. It emulates a Samurai tea house with its symbolic low door lintel, forcing those who enter to bow their heads humbly.
The first producers of Galician Tea, where a totally organic and ecological tea is grown, picked and processed using traditional methods.

Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz Wood of Words

Opened on September 28th, 2014 by the writer Nélida Piñón, who defined it as “The wood of poets, of all those who consecrate human endeavour.”
A wood of age-old trees where, timidly and almost imperceptibly, ephemeral lines on Nature’s canvas can be seen; letters that make up words that evoke a world to be imagined, reflected upon, or simply admired, where words signify an encounter, a sharing, an identity, an exchange, a communication; a world of inspiration with light, shadows, textures, colours, scents and soft sounds from Nature that stimulate the senses, making it a place for emotions, an existential experience.